Praise be unto Allah & peace & blessings of Allah be upon the prophet Mohammed, here are the terms & conditions of wafi card:


  1. The card: it is a discount card issued by marketing horizons est. (est.) in the name of the customer (card holder) at his request.
  2. Establishment (first party): it is marketing horizonsí Est. for commercial services, and the issuer of wafi card.
  3. The customer (second party): he is the holder of the card and the card issued under his name.
  4. Selling points: it is the company or the shop offer discount to the customer.

Terms& conditions:

  • wafi card offers the customer the right to get indirect and irregular cash in the form of discount in constant percentage already fixed from the value of goods and services which have been sold from the selling points within a certain period.
  • The holder of this card will be given the stated discount as soon as he submits the card to the participating companies.
  • The marketing horizons Est. undertakes to guarantee immediate availability of discount in a very easy way after signing the contract and resolve any problem related to the card.
  • In case the customer could not get the discount from any selling points he shall inform the Est. through the addresses or contacting customer service office.
  • Anyone whose name is not written on the card is not entitled to use it, sell it or pawning it and the customer will be responsible for it.
  • Validity of the card is one Gregorian year starts from the signature of the customer on the application.
  • The customer shall undertake to take care of the card and not to use it for anything except for the purpose it has been issued for.
  • The customer shall undertake to be sure that all data he gave is correct.
  • In case of the damage or loss of the card the customer shall inform the Est. and the Est. will issue a replacement for the remaining period of the subscription and the customer shall pay the fees for the replacement card determined by the Est.
  • The notifications will be sent through the customerís address shown the application and he has no right to object to request the Est. to change his address unless he sent a notification for the change to the Est. and before its validity one week at least.
  • The customer shall notify the Est. if he wants to change his address or his telephone numbers so as to enable the Est. to notify him of any changes of the participating companies and the offers.
  • The Est. has the right to keep the card application document after being signed by the customer.
  • The customer shall differentiate between card discount and temporary discount offered by selling points for all purchasers, and in case the selling points offers discount for all purchasers more than the discount card the customer is entitled for a discount equal to the temporary discount.
  • The Est. is entitled to modify or alter the participating companies and the offers according to the changes in the market and has the right to change or amend the design of any product as it foresees suitable without referring to the customer.
  • In case of any conflict related to this contract shall be solved amicably and friendly and if the case not resolved amicably it shall be raised to the competent authorities.



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