Marketing Horizons is an integrated marketing Est. with experience and high skills and deals in marketing its clients' products whether financial products, service, industrial, medical or accessory.

The location of the Est. in eastern province in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in the vicinity of all GCC states which not only facilitate the marketing of the products of our clients in the KSA, but also in all the neighboring countries which serve the client's objectives.

Our Vision
Offering integrated marketing services to achieve the objectives of our clients with efficiency and effectiveness and we have a clear vision for success through adopting the balanced style which emerged from a culture that oblige us to follow our moral values and the necessary qualities for success in a balanced form, and benefiting from the elements of the basic power we have and we should have honest and sincere intentions.

Our Mission
Our Est. believes in the necessity of development and modernization and the continuous learning and keeping pace with the ever changing world and the openness to others' experience, and benefiting from them as a necessary condition for development and progress and maintaining the leadership and uniqueness on local and international level. The Est. also believes in the fact that there is no place ofr coincidence in its work, and there is no place for trial and error but believes and adopts the principle of correct planning, accurate analysis and the study of opportunities and looking to the future, and behind administration and efficient person. We have provided a highly trained team to market the product properly in addition to the utilization of experiences, necessary qualifications and the use of the state-of-art technology to provide the best solutions.

The Est. also believes that the first step which helps in establishing strong business relationship with clients is listening to their needs then providing them with the creative solutions for them.



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